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Mixing boards   (top)

Bogen 3180 matrix amp

 The answer to all your problems!
 The awesome Bogen 3180 matrix amp.
 Auto source switching, auto volume
 three amps and much more.
 The last word for restaurant and
 business owners that don't have time
 to be sound technicians!

  The Audiopro DJM806
 from Yorkville Sound.
 Specifically designed for DJs
 This mixer includes
 two built in 400 watt amps and
 a top quality effects generator.

DJM-600  The Pioneer DJM-600
 Deluxe DJ mixer.
 Digital sampler and Effects.
 Balanced outputs and more.

DJM-500  The Pioneer DJM-500
 DJ mixer with effects.
 Low noise, auto BPM.
 Fader start for CD.

  Audiopro MP8DX
 8 Channel 600 watt
 Live music mixer/amp

  Audiopro PM16
 16 channel 2150 watts
 Live music mixer/amp

Rms4chGL.jpg (8512 bytes)  The MBT-RMS4CH
 A superb 4 channel Mixer
 at a great price.


processors  (top)

  Juke box relays
 These units will cut off your music source
 such as a CD player or tape deck when someone feeds
 the juke box. When the box runs out of money and shuts
 off, your CD player or any other music source will
 come back on. We don't have a picture, but its
 just a small box with connecting cables coming out.
 Our relays have adjustable volume to balance the
 juke box volume to your CD player or other source
 and adjustable input sensitivity and wait time.

Link to Viking Electronics  The Viking DVA-2WA
 Digital announcer / repeater
 Record 7.5 minutes
 of audio in segments or
 as one long message.
 Play back for telephone
 hold function or
 loudspeaker announcements.

mp studio  The ART Tube MP Studio
 This award winning mic
 pre-amp features an
 output protection
 limiter, phantom power,
 VU readout and
 much more.

image  The ART dual levelar
 Ultra quiet and clean

image  The ART PRO VLA
 Deluxe vactrol tm
 compressor and
 leveling amplifier.

image  The ART FX-1
 Stereo digital effects
 processor. Midi capable.

image  The ART  DMV-PRO
 Dual true stereo
 24-bit effects processor

Link to American DJ  American DJ
 Model 232  3-way
 24 db crossover
 4th order filters

Link to American DJ  American DJ
 Line inputs and outs

image  The ART EQ342
 Dual fifteen band
 60 mm sliders and
 analog meters.

image  The ART Dual Tube
  parametric equalizer.

Link to American DJ  American DJ
 XEQ-152  15 band EQ
 Constant Q design


Link to American DJ  American DJ
 XEQ-312  31 band EQ
 Balanced ins and outs


 The Rapco "Peaking Tom"  
 The Line Driver  
 The SCR-400 combiner   
 The SSR-400 splitter

 The DBR-400 direct box


CD players  (top)

CDJ-700  The Pioneer CDJ-700S
 Compact pro CD player.
 Where space is limited.
 Features looping, tempo
 adjust, jog dial,
 and more.

CDJ-500II  The Pioneer CDJ 500 ll
 Vibration resistant
 Loop, tempo adjust,
 relay, jog dial
 and cue.


image  American DJ
 Dual Transport
 Sony laser

image  American DJ
 Bump resistant

image  American DJ
 Seamless loop
 Edit on the fly

image  American DJ
 PRO600 Digi-Pro
 Sampling, flash
 Loop, skip, and more

imageimage  American DJ
 Super single players

image  American DJ
 System 1
 Complete system
 Includes mixer Q-221
 2-DJ-1   players

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Power amplifiers  (top)

 The Grommes 260a Monoblock.
 One of the finest amplifiers ever made!
 Real tube sound. Real Grommes quality!
 Not available from us but if you need a
 tube amp, get this one. 



  Yorkville CR-5
 Economical and reliable

Audiopro AP series
Heavy duty and
road worthy available
in five sizes.
Yorkville website AP-1020






  Yorkville A series
 26 pounds !!

Mixers    Processors  CD players    Amplifiers

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